Piano English Cover เพลง I'M SORRY. (สีดา) THE RUBE เปียโน English เวอร์ชั่น

เพลง I’M SORRY (สีดา) English เวอร์ชั่น


ได้พี่แป๊ะ นักดนตรีรางวัลสีสันอวอร์ดมาเล่นและควบคุมให้ ลองดูนะคะ
Lyrics เนื้อเพลงในส่วนภาษาอังกฤษ
I’m so sorry.
I know it’s actually my bad.
There’re moments when my head and heart clash.
If I always make you sad,
I don’t know whether you will still understand.

If everything that I do
makes you feel even sadder
and makes you feel lonelier,
(I’m) sorry for whatever
because I cannot do any better than this.

Oh…Oh…only love that Phra Ram could not fight
Giants were killed to occupy the Kingdom of Lanka,
but he was fooled and lost the trust on his queen, Sida,
as she was lured to draw the picture of Ravana.

I’m to blame, aren’t I? …for despising you
I admitted all are truly mu faults.
He did not believe his wife at the end of the war.
The queen was then ordered to walk through the fire,
but for the picture he let his feelings override.
To get revenge, he failed to see how Sida sacrificed.
At last, he knew that it’s too late to turn the wrong to right.
He chose to pretend to die
and deceive his wife. She was made to cry.

Phra Ram deeply apologized to her.

Credits: เพลง I'm sorry. สีดา The Rube

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